【4 Apr】New Resource: “Climate Justice : Global and Japanese Perspectives”

Our new material on climate justice is finally available on our website! For now Japanese versions only – but, we are working on an English version of the brochure too! It will be available for distribution soon. 

Feel free to download and share with anybody who might be interested. (cannot be edited.)

▶ View Part 1 of the brochure “Climate Justice : Global Perspective”
▶ View Part 2 of the brochure “Climate Justice : Japanese Perspective”

This project originated from our desire to increase awareness of climate justice within Japan.

Typically, discussions around climate justice revolve around the inequities between nations. There is an unfairness where the Global South (developing countries), with less responsibility historically for climate change, suffers disproportionately compared to the heavily responsible Global North (developed countries).

We’ve been exploring approaches beyond simply discussing these inequities to increase domestic engagement in addressing climate justice. Recognizing that climate justice is closely connected with various domestic social issues, we’ve included specific domestic examples in this brochure to make it more relatable and accessible.

When attempting to change large structural issues, focusing on similar issues domestically can empower understanding and collective action!

We’ll also provide printed versions of the brochure. If you wish to receive printed copies, please fill out ▶ this form.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could distribute these brochures at events or at facilities and shops. We hope this material will be useful!

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  • Climate Justice
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