【19 April】Letter sent to World Bank for the Spring Meetings

Today, 19th April, World Bank will host its Spring Meetings in Washington D.C., USA. This is an important opportunity to make progress on advancing climate finance worldwide.

The Climate Reality Project has over the past few years conducted multiple campaigns for the reform of World Bank, such as our request to the former president Malpass to step downincluding our proposal to the US President Biden)and our request to the new president Banga to strengthen climate finance.

This time, for the Sring Meetings, all branches including Japan have signed the letter to World Bank, with various requests to World Bank, including increasing funding for climate purposes from 45% to at least 50% of its total annual financing and expand fair and accessible credit for climate vulnerable nations, and so on. Please read the full letter from the link below.

■Letter(English, original)

■Letter(Japanese, translated by the branch)


  • 開催日時:2024.04.19 17:00 ~ 2024.04.19 18:00