本多 牧生Honda Makio

Honda Makio
Place of residence/activity / Kanagawa
Action Groups / Climate Education

I am a Chemical Oceanographer at the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC). I became an oceanographer when I was a child because I admired Dr. Jacques Yves Cousteau, a French oceanographer. I now spend 1-2 months each year aboard an oceanographic vessel collecting and analyzing seawater, marine particles, and plankton to study how the oceans absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We are studying how the oceans absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Recently, warming, acidification, and deoxigenation of the oceans are underway, and I am concerned that the ocean's carbon dioxide capacity may decrease in the future, along with the impact on marine resources. CRP Japan belongs to the ""Climate Education Group"" and would like to introduce the ocean's ability to control the global environment and the changes that are taking place in its environment, and to work together with you to create opportunities for more people to think about and act on marine and global environmental issues. We would like to work together with you to create opportunities for more people to think about and act on marine and global environmental issues.

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澤田 智子Sawada Tomoko

Sawada Tomoko
Place of residence/activity / Tokyo, Ibaraki
Action Groups / Climate Education, Biodiversity Impacts

After watching the BBC documentary ""Earth"", I started learning about the environment. After attending multiple study groups and attaining Substainability Practioner Certificate, I joined the CRP training in 2021. As a CRP Leader, I have given presentations and hosted workshops in my workplace and outside including at universities, sometimes with guest speakers. I always try to tailor the contents for the audience, for example climate actions from a corporate standpoint for business school students, etc. I am also involved in Action Groups, planning and hosting events and study groups. It is crucial to have a community like CRP where we help each other, for me to continue the work that I do. I believe that there is always hope by expanding this circle of fellowship and by connecting with other circles as well. I am not a scientist, nor am I a technical expert. However, everyone has a role to play and there are many things we can do.I work for a German IT company on weekdays. I have always loved animals since, and even worked on educational activities to diminish slaughtering of animals.Now I support retired racing horses. When I go see the horses who have changed careers and are doing well, it inspires me to do my best too. ""Happy coexistence of nature, animals, and humans"" has been my passion and aspiration since I was a child. I would like to continue my work to realize it.

キャスリン・ライリーKathleen Reiley

Kathleen Reiley
Place of residence/activity / Kanagawa
Action Groups / Climate Education, Energy Transition,
English group

I am a Catholic Maryknoll Sister living in Japan since 1968. I made Al Gore’s training workshop in 2019 in Tokyo. Together with another Japanese team member we have been giving mainly Zoom Climate reality workshops to church related groups. We try to spread our love for our COMMON HOME this beautiful planet earth.

宮澤 大喜Miyazawa Daiki

Miyazawa Daiki
Place of residence/activity / Chiba, Tokyo
Action Groups / Energy Transition

Daiki is a Vice President(ESG Management)of Japan Cor Co., Ltd. a asset management company. He is currently engaged in promotion of ESG at the company as well as group company.
Before joining JapanCor Co., Ltd., he worked as senior consultant at CSR Design Green Investment Advisory, Co., Ltd.
After attending the 2019 Climate Reality Tokyo training, he is now working with the Energy Transition Group to promote and spread renewable energy.

コザック クリスChris Kozak

Chris Kozak
Place of residence/activity / Tokyo
Action Groups / English group

Chris Kozak has been a passionate environmental educator in Japan for over twenty-five years. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Alberta, Canada and continues to research active learning-style pedagogy incorporating the SDGs. After participating in the 2016 Climate Reality Leadership Corps in Houston, he presented at the 2019 Tokyo training. He has given presentations to international schools, Fortune 500 company executives, and mentored and trained many other Climate Reality Leaders. In his spare time, he volunteers with Amnesty International, attends music festivals, and cooks Ukrainian food.

稲垣 雅子Inagaki Masako

Inagaki Masako
Place of residence/activity / Hyogo
Action Groups / Business and Industry Climate Action, Local Climate Policy & Projects

Masako is a logistics department staff member of a manufacturing company. She became a CRP Leader in 2020 online training, and mentor in 2021 online training. Masako lives in Kobe. She is involved in CRP Japan's Action Groups - she joined a regional group because she would like to advocate for Kobe city and act locally. Also, She is a member of the business/industry group because she would like to advocate for companies about Global warming. Also she is interested in Ocean plastics. There is still a lot of plastic waste, including one way plastics in Japan. To change the social structure, discuss with the leaders in CRP, Masako is passionate to act against climate crisis.

宇山 生朗Uyama Ikuro

Uyama Ikuro
Place of residence/activity / Hokkaido, Tokyo
Action Groups / Business and Industry Climate Action, Local Climate Policy & Projects

Born in Tokyo in 1990, Ikuro lives and works in Hokkaido. After completing graduate school (Environmental Science) and working in the environmental and nuclear power division at a construction company, he joined the Hokkaido Environment Foundation in 2016, where he was engaged in supporting local governments and businesses in Hokkaido implimenting climate change mitigation. From June 2019 to March 2022, he worked at the Zero Carbon Promotion Department of the Hokkaido Environment Bureau, where he was in charge of planning and running new projects related to climate change mitigation. In addition, he was commissioned by the Policy Bureau of the Hokkaido Government to launch and manage a government-wide policy development project on behavioral science (nudges, etc.). Through these efforts, he was awarded the Hokkaido Government Employee of the Year Award. Since 2021, he has been a member of Policy Garage, a non-profit organization that supports local governments in applying EBPM, behavioral science (nudges, etc.), and design thinking to their policies, and has been involved in joint university research and various dissemination activities. He is an advisor to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for the creation of Regional Brand and a Zero Carbon Promotion Coordinator for the Hokkaido Economic Federation.

林彰一/絵理Hayashi Shoichi/Eri

Hayashi Shoichi/Eri
Place of residence/activity / Chiba, Tokyo
Action Groups / Climate Education, Business and Industry Climate Action

The couple, Eri and Shoichi, are both trained Climate Reality Leaders. Eri runs a furniture rental business for foreigners in Minato-ku, Tokyo. The company installed a solar power generation system in the warehouse in Kisarazu, Chiba Prefecture, and consume their own electricity. This solar energy is also used to charge their electric vehicle, which runs on 100% solar power. Shoichi manages solar power plants in Sodegaura and Kisarazu, Chiba Prefecture, and also provides support to other companies as a third-type chief electrical engineer. He has established an operations base in Sodegaura, where he is also experimenting the use of recycled lead-acid batteries and solar power plants to supply power to electric vehicles and emergency power systems. In addition, they rent a small rice paddy of about about 400 square metres near the aforementioned base in Sodegaura, where they practise regenerative agriculture - plant rice by hand, use rice bran fertilizer and no pesticides, and dry the rice in the sun.

サウター・アンドリューAndrew Sowter

Andrew Sowter
Place of residence/activity / Nara
Action Groups / Energy Transition,
English group

My name is Andy Sowter. I’m an Australian living in Nara, in Western Japan, with my family. My background is both in the Environmental sciences and also as a production engineer in the mining industry. However, I’m now a university English language lecturer and have been teaching at universities since 2009. I’ve always been interested in environmental issues, but since I became an educator, I found a way to do my part to solve the climate crisis. In 2013, I was one of the first people from Japan to join the training to become a Climate Reality Leader. Since then, I have given several Climate Reality presentations and created teaching material aimed at providing students with the opportunity to learn about the climate crisis. My aim is for students to investigate the issue and, through critical thinking and exchanging opinions with other students, come to their own position about climate change. I was really happy when the Climate Reality Project (CRP) finally did training here in Japan, and I’m looking forward to exchanging ideas with other Climate Reality Leaders through the CRP Japan branch.