Climate justice

What is Climate Justice?

The Climate Reality Project is committed to achieving a more just and equitable world (including the activities themselves) towards resolving the climate crisis. We envision a world where all voices are respected regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, place of residence, religion, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, and/or physical ability. Climate change is a human rights issue, and people who are already in vulnerable positions due to various social, economic, geographic, and other reasons suffer the impacts of climate change “first and the worst”.

It is necessary to consider the history and the complex social systems causing unfair damage worldwide and the fact that the voices of stakeholders are not reflected in decision-making processes, leading to unfair burdens in implementing countermeasures. The idea of climate justice, which aims to address this inequity and injustice, is also the most important mission of the Climate Reality Project around the world.

Climate Justice Brochures


The Climate Reality Project Japan have created brochures titled "Climate Justice: Japanese and Global Perspectives" as a steppingstone to raise awareness about climate justice in Japan.

This brochure consists of two parts. In Part I, we provide an overview of global perspectives of "environmental justice" and "climate justice," concepts that have not yet gained widespread understanding in Japan. In Part II, we examine the current situation in Japan regarding "climate justice" along with specific case studies.

By reading both Part 1 and Part 2 together, you will be able to understand the necessity of environmental justice and climate justice, as well as grasp the global historical context and current situation, including Japan, regarding the causes and background of these issues. The brochure can be viewed from the following links.


What is DEIJ?

DEIJ stands for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice.

At The Climate Reality Project, we believe that the process of achieving climate justice must also consider these principles. DEIJ is a set of values we cherish as we engage in climate action as a community comprising members from various backgrounds. (Headquarters Statement)

We will continue to learn about historical social inequalities, discrimination, and disparities and to practice toward solving problems while being mindful of our own positions and the unconscious biases.

DEIJ training

Since 2023, The Climate Reality Project Japan has been providing training on DEIJ. You can view the contents that are open to the public below.

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