【JUN-JUL2023】DEIJ/Team-building Training

Hi all! The Climate Reality Project Japan will be hosting a DEIJ*/Teambuilding Training during June and July.

(*DEIJ=Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice)

Connecting, collaborating, and working as a team with people from diverse backgrounds is essential to tackling the climate crisis.The Climate Reality Project is a community that welcomes people from all backgrounds with this shared mission. There are some considerations and useful skills for communication within teams with such different backgrounds.

We will be hosting an online training with contents on how to make group climate action more inclusive, just and equitable, and build better teamwork. This training will focus on DEIJ and privilege structures, with special focus on gender issues.

*Please note that only some parts of the training will be in English, due to the limited team capacity. (We are aware of the challenges to make this training inclusive…)

■Methods: Online self-study (There will be a list of articles and videos for your reference), followed by an online dialogue with other participants
■Free to participate
■Register here (by EOD 20th June):



In building and managing teams in each AG group, members with diverse backgrounds respect each other and aim to create teams without a hierarchy. Each participant who has acquired the necessary knowledge and skills through this training becomes a strong actor.


[Background / What is DEIJ?】

CRP aims to realize a more just and equitable world to solve the climate crisis. A world where all voices are respected regardless of background such as race, ethnicity, nationality, place of residence, religion, skin color, sex, sexual orientation, gender, age or ability. Climate crisis is a human rights issue, and people who have been placed in vulnerable positions for a variety of social, economic, and geographical reasons will be hit first and the worst. Consideration should be given to this hisotrical injustice and complex social systems that have caused unfair damage around the world, and that have failed to reflect the voices in the decision-making process, and imposed an unfair burden on them. Aiming to correct this unfairness and injustice, climate justice is CRP’s most important mission worldwide.

DEIJ stands for diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. CRP believes that an approach that takes these factors into consideration is necessary when working on climate action as a community composed of members from diverse backgrounds. (CRP Global Statement

To do so, we first need to understand the current state of the social system, the structure of privilege, and be aware of the privileges that we ourselves have. This training will provide content related to DEIJ (especially gender issues) and useful content for group activities.

  • 開催日時:2023.06.21 ~ 2023.06.29
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