【18 Sept】Watashi no Mirai – join us for a day of action!

This summer, we are all facing “global boiling” first hand across the globe – through natural disasters such as extreme heat, huge typhoons, and forest fires, and we are almost forced to realize that the climate crisis is not a future problem that will one day happen.

September is the climate month everywhere – from Africa Climate Summit on 4th-8th in Nairobi, Kenya, to The UN Climate Ambition Summit in New York, USA on 20th. One of the largest worldwide civil climate movements, Global fight to end fossil fuels is scheduled on 15th and 17th September with various actions planned in every part of the world.

In Japan, a coalition called Watashi no Mirai (direct translation: My future) is planning a large-scale action on 18th across the nation.

In Tokyo, a day of event with climate parade, stage performance and booth exhibitions is planned in Yoyogi Park at 11:00-16:00. 

The campaign website: 「ワタシのミライ NO NUKES & NO FOSSIL 再エネ100%と公正な社会を目指して (tentative translation: My future: NO NUKES & NO FOSSIL – for 100% renewable energy and just society)」

CRP Japan is also one of the supporting organizations and we will be there hosting a booth too! Come join us if you are around – this will be one of the largest climate events in Japan this year!

  • 開催日時:2023.09.18 11:00 ~ 2023.09.18 16:00