【19-20 Aug】Climate Reality Training in Seoul, South Korea!

The Climate Reality Project will host an in-person training on 19th and 20th August, in Seoul, South Korea! 

This training provides great opportunities to learn about the climate crisis, its science and solutions from the founder and former US vice president Al Gore, as well as amazing Korean speakers!

You will also get to meet many people from diverse background with the shared mission. 

The main language of this training will be Korean, with English translation available.
This training is for participants who live in South Korea, so kindly share with people you know who are in South Korea. 

It is the first in-person training in Eastern Asia since 2019 Tokyo training!
Please register here(by 31st July):

・Date:19-20th August, 2023
・Venue: Seoul, South Korea(KINTEX)
・Free of charge 

※If you live in Japan and wish to participate, please write to us at

  • 開催日時:2023.08.19 ~ 2023.08.20
  • トレーニング
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