【2023/2/16】Climate Café vol.2 “Winter memories -snow-“

Come join our second Climate Café on “Winter memories ~snow~” at 8-9:30pm on 16th Feb!This winter in Japan has been extremely cold, with news reports of cold waves and heavy snowfall in various parts across the country. Didn’t we hear this question often – “Why heavy snowfall if the globe is warming?” and you may have had conversations about it. If you are from a place with lots of snow, or no snow at all, our memories, nostalgia or emotions about snow may have played a certain role in our action against climate change today. Of course, winter stories that have nothing to do with “snow” are also welcome!

Climate Café is an open space for discussions and chats with people interested in certain topics. It’s not a webinar or presentation – no need to prepare anything beforehand!
You can come and leave at anytime. Please feel free to join us with your favourite drinks!


■Free of charge

Climate Café is an initiative started by CRP Leaders in Scotland, to provide an open and casual space for conversations about Climate Change – believing such open space without hierarchy where everyone is respected – is necessary to achive a just and sustainable future.

  • 開催日時:2023.02.16 20:00 ~ 2023.02.16 21:30
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